Saturday, December 31, 2011

With the New Year about to start and I am about to get a year older very soon lol , I figure it is about time I sit myself down and get serious about a couple of things .One I have this blog and it is about time I actually use it more then I have , so here is my first pic in a long time , it is of the very first snowfall we had here way back before Dec even got here , the snow lasted a whole day and about a half , but long enough for the little girl i watch and I make a snow man and start to make a snow fort (the snow man didn't last long lol by morning all that was left was his hat and scarf lol ) .The next thing on my short list is I seriously have to lose the weight and I am hoping that with the support of a group I am in that maybe I might be able to do that this time around , and the last thing is I would really love to start selling some of my crafts , I know I won't make a lot doing it but even a little bit would be nice but we will see what happens ,I will post pics of stuff I have done since Nov (even managed to sell a fair bit of stuff which surprised me but it was a lovely surprise ) ,but for now I had better go and clean up things a bit and start getting stuff ready for our New Years meal with our DGD :o) .

till later have a great day and a Very Happy New Year to all who read this

Friday, April 8, 2011

Okay I won't make this a long post as I just posted this pic or thought I did in the post before this one ,not sure what happened .Anyway this is the pic that goes with the post just before this one Cathy
I finally am able to up load the finished pic of my first try at my own pattern I made from the pattern maker pro and I have to say I am very pleased and proud of the way it turned out and I think the little girl who is in the pic is also very pleased with it if her smile was anything to go by :o) . I hope to have the next pic uploaded soon , the next one is for our DGD who just loves the series Twilight and the main character Edward so this pic is of Edward .I found it in the crossstitcher mag .Now my next big thing to stitch or at least for now is to try and find a pattern of him is the famous Justin Bieber :o) as I have three little girls (2 DGD's and the little girl in the pic I just stitched ) who would just love to have a stitched pic of him hanging in their rooms lol .

Well I guess that's it for now ,hope everyone has a lovely day :o)