Saturday, December 31, 2011

With the New Year about to start and I am about to get a year older very soon lol , I figure it is about time I sit myself down and get serious about a couple of things .One I have this blog and it is about time I actually use it more then I have , so here is my first pic in a long time , it is of the very first snowfall we had here way back before Dec even got here , the snow lasted a whole day and about a half , but long enough for the little girl i watch and I make a snow man and start to make a snow fort (the snow man didn't last long lol by morning all that was left was his hat and scarf lol ) .The next thing on my short list is I seriously have to lose the weight and I am hoping that with the support of a group I am in that maybe I might be able to do that this time around , and the last thing is I would really love to start selling some of my crafts , I know I won't make a lot doing it but even a little bit would be nice but we will see what happens ,I will post pics of stuff I have done since Nov (even managed to sell a fair bit of stuff which surprised me but it was a lovely surprise ) ,but for now I had better go and clean up things a bit and start getting stuff ready for our New Years meal with our DGD :o) .

till later have a great day and a Very Happy New Year to all who read this

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