Monday, September 24, 2012

Well here I go again , I am going to try my best to keep this going this time as I started this in the first place to show off my stitching in hopes of maybe selling a few pieces but I got busy with other things , well those other things are quiet for the moment so maybe just maybe I can get this blog up and running , you never know maybe I can pull a small miracle out of the hat lol  .It has been a busy summer and with the heat the way it was the time was spent outside trying to stay cool by spending the time either in the shade or the water .

Now that the fall is coming and my flower beds are all put to bed it is time for me to get serious with my stitching again . At the moment I have several things on the go some small (trying to get ready for the fall craft sales in hope the smaller things are a bigger hit ) and some big ones .I have a pic of our oldest DGD ,also I have some feng shui pieces and I am just starting a pair of wolves for a special friend who fell in love with them . I will try and post pics of each one as I go along . this is one set of the feng shui pieces Guess that's about it for today .

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